Logitech BCC950 Conference WEBcam review

Logitech BCC950 Conference WEBcam review

Review of for Conference WEBcam Logitech BCC950

Power supply with two types of plug. Wire lenght 1.5 m. Additionaly there is a cable to supply from PC. Therefore you can choose how to supply your BCC950 with power​

 Packed same as all logitech business products in yellow OEM box ​

Almost every IT manager encountered a videoconferencing problem using usual domestic webcam. It may be a good idea to use domestic webcam to make videoconference between to participants, prepare ahead webcam, light level in the room, connect speakers and microphone.

      It may serve as a solution if participants not need to move, show prospects and whitepapers. In any case solution with using usual webcam will be some preposterous. Isn't it?


Logitech BCC950













Easy and attractive price solution for small group videoconferencing Logitech BCC 950

     Main features

  • Desk based with lens height at eye level
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Cordless remote
  • Autofocus
  • Wide-angle lens: viewing angle 78 degrees
  • Built-in motorized mechanism swith lens up-down and left-right
  • High resolution
  • USB easy connection
  • Volume ajusting not depending from PC volume level: you can switch off PC level and leave enabled only volume on Logitech BСС950 
  • Echo reduction technology



Setup guide Logitech BCC950 


 Review Logitech ConferenceCam BCC950

 Packed same as all logitech business products in yellow OEM box 














 When you open box, you'll see simple connection scheme. All components are packed tightly enough: if you pull them out of the box, insert back will be approximately how to solve the Sudoku average difficulty

LOGITECH_BCC950_opened box















 There is no disk with drivers in the box. And so you have two ways to install them:

  1. Connect Logitech BCC 950 to PC UBS ports and let the device install it automaticaly 
  2. Download last version of drivers from official Logitech website: Logitech BCC950 drivers

  Let's go further. We was very glad to see all USB connection detacheble. And so you will have with BCC950 two height levels: 6 sm from desk and eye level height

Buttons placed on the main surface and has a double on remote control.













Audio output minijack 3.5 mm placed on right side of Logitech BCC950


















Views Logitech BCC950 from different positions

Logitech BCC950 upside


























In my opinion plastic with fine quality, without notch and smell and without backlash. All wires supplied with velcro for convenient arrangement on the desktop.

    Remote control has a small size but double all buttons from base stand and supplied with battery















              LOGITECH_BCC950_remote backwards












 Power supply with two types of plug. Wire lenght 1.5 m. Additionaly there is a cable to supply from PC. Therefore you can choose how to supply your BCC950 with power

LOGITECH_BCC950_power supply












 Logitech BCC950 neck




















Logitech BCC950 lens








































Setting up ConferenceCam Logitech BCC950

- Download and instal drivers from link: https://www.logitech.com/en-us/support/conferencecam?crid=637§ion=downloads&osid=14&bit=64 
- Restart PC (require)
- In Skype settings: tools->options->advanced settings -> Manage other programs access to Skype ->allow - >save
- Must be installed last version of Skype
- In Skype settings: tools->options->general->video settings  you will see you logitech BCC950

If you not see in video settings BCC950 do next steps:

- detach lens from neck and connect it again

- disconnect all Logitech BCC950 and connect it again



There is no face tracking in Logitech BCC950. 

Buttons answer and end cal works only with incoming calls


If you have any questions, ask in our group in VK or email us sales@logitechmarket.com.ua



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